Can you imagine having free WiFi for your children? A Swiss couple inadvertently got it by choosing “Twifia” as their young daughter’s middle name in response to a strange promotion from an internet company.

According to the LADbible portal, the Twifi company announced on Facebook that it would give free internet to anyone who named their baby Twifus (if it was a boy) or Twifia (if it was a girl) and proved it with a birth certificate.

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The parents, who wish to remain anonymous because “the accusation of having sold our daughter’s name hits us very hard”, have decided not to reveal their daughter’s full name.

“The more I thought about it, the more unique the name became to me, and that’s when the thing acquired its charm,” confessed the father. “For me the name Twifia means connection in this context. An eternal bond!”, Affirmed the mother.

With all this enthusiasm, the parents are going to deposit in a savings account the money they would have spent for the WiFi payment so that when their daughter is 18 years old she can change her name if she wishes.

Philippe Fotsch, head of Twifi, reported that his startup will pay for the girl’s internet until 2038, even if they go bankrupt. “It is a matter of honor,” he declared.

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