Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege remains a popular and competitive game, even five years after its release. With 25 million players competing across all platforms, Siege continues to add content in the form of new levels and Operators. Ubisoft’s newest addition is a Tom Clancy classic: Sam Fisher, of the famous Splinter Cell series. 

The newest update to R6 Siege, Shadow Legacy, is available now. Before players dive into the new DLC, here are some tips and tricks to succeed.

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Practice Makes Perfect

Siege is incredibly competitive and new players may be woefully underprepared to go up against seasoned vets. That’s where Terrorist Hunt mode comes in. Featured as a tutorial, Terrorist Hunt may be played in solo or team mode but is PVE. Terrorist Hunt allows players to learn the maps, experience weapons and improve their teamwork, all of which are essential for success.

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Like the best athletes, gamers watch film — to really improve their game, players should, too. Siege has many dedicated pro gamers and teams with untold hours of gameplay ready for review. Watching a pro play through levels will reveal typical enemy placements and tactics, angles for kills (or getting killed) and deadly equipment combos.

Ears & Eyes Open

A team breaches a fortified hideout in Rainbow Six: Siege

In Siege the entire world is in play, which is why it’s so important to learn the maps. Beyond basic layouts, players must pay attention to camera locations, windows, weak spots and breach points. If players don’t use the environment, their enemy will.

Another feature of Siege is the in-game sound. In most FPS games, players may hear other players scurry around, but in Siege, noise plays a much bigger role. If the enemy breaks a window, players will hear it. A broken window will allow much more sound through it, just as it would in real life. It becomes paramount, then, for every team to be as quiet as possible, while staying alert. Keeping a team tight and quiet can make the difference between life and death.

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Gear Up

Ela is a Defender in Rainbow Six: Siege

Because noise plays such an important part in R6 Siege, it demands a good headset — preferably over-ear to get as much of the soundscape as possible. A good gaming mouse may be in order for PC gamers, too. Players should also be sure to use the Terrorist Hunt mode to finely tune the settings so they know exactly how to hit a 180, snap their aim up and drop the player who snuck up on them.

In-game gear is just as vital. The game puts players on one of two sides: Attacker or Defender. From there, players choose an Operator and then build their loadout from an array of available equipment. Unlike some games where players may find one loadout they use for practically every level and mode, Siege demands precision. That ACOG scope is just not going to work on every level.

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Team Up

Choose your Operator in Rainbow Six: Siege

Siege is, in the end, not just a first-person shooter. It is a team game, more akin to games like Capture the Flag than hunter-killer. Each team will have an objective and fulfilling that objective may mean the difference between winning and losing. It’s always good for players to make sure their team knows the objective and how to complete it.

Even more important is ensuring everyone can work well together (see Tip #4). Teammates will have their own gear and some combos can be devastating to the other side, while others may be completely ineffective. Players should get to know their own gear, but also their team’s, if they really want to excel.

Know Thyself

Hibana shoots explosive pellets in Rainbow Six: Siege

The final tip for this competitive and customizable game: Know thyself. To succeed in Siege, players must know not just the game, but the kind of player they are. That’s where the Operators come in. At the core of Rainbow Six Siege, Operators are the heroes.

The game currently offers 57 different Operators to choose from, each with access to special gear and moves, making for a dizzying array of options. Ubisoft offers a quick survey to help new players find a good Attacker and Defender, which is a great place to start, but to fully sample the options will take some time. 

The recent addition of Splinter Cell vet Sam Fisher as Operator “Zero” illustrates the point. Fisher is known as a master infiltrator and spy-hawk. His loadout comes with sophisticated cameras that give the team an intel edge when breaching enemy defenses. If support is the player’s game, try Blackbeard — who covers his teammates — or Hibana, a front-line fighter who shoots explosive pellets. No matter the style of play, Rainbow Six Siege has something for everyone.

Shadow Legacy for Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege is available now.

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