For the past few weeks, Teamfight Tactics has taken over my life. The League of Legends take on the Auto Chess genre is incredibly addicting, with players obsessing over item builds and proper placement. A Ranked mode and Twisted Fate should hit the game mode sometime this week, meaning the game is about to get even more popular. If you’re struggling to get past eighth place in your matches, there’s still hope.

Vayne is an easy 3-Star
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Here are some of the lessons I’ve learned from playing dozens of games (and even winning a couple):

Teamfight Tactics Tips and Tricks

  • The most important part of TFT is collecting gold. The more gold you have in your bank, the more money you’ll earn at the end of a round. Earning wins and win streaks will also grant you more gold, but having more than 30 pieces sitting in your inventory can be the difference between a loss and a win.
  • Don’t feel bad about losing rounds. The AI in the Auto Chess world can be prickly at best and outright moronic at its worst. I’ve watched full teams of mine just stand there without attacking or moving and then become overwhelmed by the enemy. You still get gold after losing, which means you can still bounce back from defeat.
  • Unit synergy is a lot more important than the game makes you believe. Having four knights instead of three can be the difference between a win and a loss. Try and coordinate your units by type, clumping clusters together. Wild pairs well with Shapeshifters and Noble works with pretty much any class.
  • A unit that costs one gold is weaker than a five-gold unit, but a three-star version of any type trumps a one-star. Upgrading your units can be tricky, but the amount of health you gain is way worth it.
  • Here’s a trick I use to get three-star units as quickly as possible. In the early game before round three, my goal is to get as many three-pairs together as possible. If you have five or six of one champion, then it’s fairly likely you can finish the set. Don’t spend your gold on round four until you are at eight experience. Then (if you have at least five or six of a champion) reroll with all your gold. You might get a three-star which can carry you, though there is a chance luck will not be on your side.
  • Watching streamers can really help you improve your play. Scarra, former pro League of Legends player, has become one of the most creative streamers for the game mode. Learning how he places his units, spends his gold and buys champions can help you improve. Disguised Toast is another content creator who can help you improve your play. These streamers have fairly regular schedules, streaming multiple times a week. Just check their channels and see if they are up.

What is your best Teamfight Tactics squad? Tell us in the comments.

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