Pokemon Cafe Mix has recently been released for mobile devices and the Nintendo Switch. This puzzle game has players make various foods and drinks via matching puzzles for the Pokemon that come to visit the player’s cafe as customers.

While there are numerous amounts of micro-transactions that can make the game much easier for players in general, it is possible to make it through without them.

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For players that are struggling with some of the harder puzzles and orders in Pokemon Cafe Mixhere are some tips to make the game a little easier.

Use Pieces to Push Tomatoes

Pokemon Cafe Mix Snubbel

Levels that have tomatoes can be difficult to complete due to matching pieces not affecting them except for freeing up space. The goal of these levels is to get the tomatoes in the basket that is usually at the bottom of the screen.

The best way to deal with these levels is to use connected pieces to create a hook-like shape and use it to push or pull the tomatoes in the places players need them to be. Due to the nature of Pokemon Cafe Mix, players need to keep gravity in mind when moving pieces.

However, if there are any other non-static ingredients, players should save the tomatoes for later. This is due to the amount of movement that will occur when hooking the tomatoes.

Keep Whipped Cream Pieces Together

Preview of the puzzle

For many players, the whipped cream ingredients can be the most difficult to deal with. They often require multiple nearby combos to completely break through even one of them. However, the best way to deal with them is to use shouts or the leader Pokemon’s ability.

In order to get the most out of using these power-ups, players should make sure that whipped cream pieces stay bunched together. To do this, players should avoid large stirring motions when matching up combos. It is also important to note that matching pieces that represent the leader Pokemon will help the power-up get put onto the board at a faster rate.

Don’t Stretch Combos Too Far Around Sugar Cubes

Sugar cubes act very similarly to whipped cream pieces, but they stay stationary and cannot be pushed around. These can be a pain in how they can block off entire sections of the screen from use and how they can take multiple combos to take down.

To help with this, players can make large combos and move the combo in a way so that it wraps around the sugar cube. However, players need to be careful not the stretch the combo line too thin, as the sugar cubes are damaged on contact with a combo’s pieces, not its connecting lines.

Pokemon Cafe Mix is available now on the App Store, Google Play, and Switch.

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