The Reaper is a powerful optional boss present in Persona 4 Golden. This guide will provide helpful tips and tricks for taking it down. The game originally released back on the PS2 under Persona 4 and an expanded version released on the PS Vita under Persona 4 GoldenBefore it was brought over to Steam, the PS Vita was the only way to play the game. The game went on to sell millions of copies on Steam, marking it as one of the fastest-selling JRPGs on the platform. The Reaper boss is a reoccurring character in the series and this guide will help players defeat it.

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The Reaper is an optional boss the player that can come across in the game. In Persona 5 Royal, players can encounter the Reaper by wandering around in the Metaverse until it appears. For it to appear in Persona 4 Golden, players will need to open 20 treasure chests. Avoid opening the golden chests though, as this can reset the counter. Players can open 20 treasure chests inside of a dungeon and the chains will begin to rattle. The chain rattling is a sign that the Reaper is approaching. Although, it is recommended to only face this boss at a higher level. Anything less than level 75 will be a challenge for any player. While it is possible, it is only recommended to face the Reaper towards the end game. Here’s how players can defeat it in Persona 4 Golden. 

How To Beat The Reaper in Persona 4 Golden

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The Reaper is immune to light and darkness based attacks, meaning to avoid bringing these into battle. It doesn’t have any super-effective weaknesses, as every attack does neutral damage. Here is the most optimal team to bring into the fight.

  • Yu (Main Character): Bring a Persona with Deliberate. Also, Yu will act as the buff character and healer for the rest of the party.
  • Kanji: Bring Persona’s with Matarukaja and Primal Force.
  • Yosuke: Sukukaja to raise evasion on every party member. Once evasion is set, use Brave Blade. Once it wears off, repeat using it until the fight is over.
  • Chie: The powerhouse. Bring along a Persona with Power Charge and God Hand.

It’s important to keep every character alive using Yu and avoid its one-hit-KO move. Players will also have an easier time if they max out their social links with all the party members. Focus on attacking it with Chie and keep them alive. Repeat this process until the boss is defeated.

Players will be rewarded with strong weapons. The player can also rematch the boss to get the Omnipotence Orb item that allows the holder to block all elemental attacks. The Reaper has a different method of defeating each Persona game and is always a worthy challenge for the player. The PC port of Persona 4 Golden is the first time many players have picked up the game. This is one of the best JRPGs on the platform.

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Persona 4 Golden is available now on PS Vita and PC.

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