Golden Boxed Lunches are essential for building social links in Persona 4 Golden. This guide will help players perfect their cooking in the game. For the first time ever, Persona 4 Golden has made its way to PC. Previously, the game was only available on the PS Vita and while the title had a cult following, not many fans picked up this title due to never owning a PS Vita. After the explosion of popularity that is Persona 5, many players have wanted to go back and play some of the series’ older titles. Here’s how players can perfect their cooking with helpful tips and tricks in Persona 4 Golden.

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Cooking in Persona 4 Golden is an important aspect of building relationships with other characters. When cooking, if the player makes the right choices, they can make Golden Box Lunches and give them to a character of their choice. Social links are prime for succeeding in the game, as the decisions the player makes in the real-world can affect what happens in the TV World. It’s important for the player to build as many strong relationships as possible in the game to optimize their playstyle. Box Lunches are a small but valuable way for players to build these relationships. Here is how to perfect cooking in Persona 4 Golden.

Perfect Cooking Guide in Persona 4 Golden

Persona 4 Golden Social Skills

When cooking, the player will be given options on how they wish to prepare their dish. There are correct answers for prepping this food. Here are all the correct answers for every dish available in the game.

  • Broiled Fish: Wrap it tightly
  • California Rolls: Mix and cool simultaneously
  • Carrot & Burdock: Add soy sauce and mirin
  • Chakin Sushi: Thinned eggs
  • Cream Stew: Dump in all the cold milk
  • Croquettes Curry: High simmer
  • Daigaku-Imo: Deep fry them
  • Fried Chicken: Potato starch
  • Ginger Pork: Score it with a knife
  • Grilled Fish: Strong heat but from far away
  • Gyoza: Use Olive oil
  • Hamburgers: Cut a hole and look for juice
  • Kakuni: Mirin, sugar & sake
  • Marinated Spinach: Strain it
  • Meat Stew: Simmer with a dropped lid
  • Mentaiko: Pasta Mayonnaise
  • Oden: Keep on a low flame and don’t boil
  • Potato Salad: Smash while still hot
  • Pudding: Vanilla extract
  • Sweet & Sour: Pork Potato starch
  • Tonkatsu: Flour, egg, then panko
  • Vichyssoise: Add lots of milk
  • Yakiniku Bento: Use soy sauce

The Persona franchise itself is a spin-off title of the Shin Megami Tensei series. While Shin Megami Tensei focuses much more on JRPG combat and dungeon exploration, Persona adds a life-simulator aspect to the game. In Persona, both the dungeon crawling and life-sim aspect of the game are two halves of the same coin. It’s important for players to prioritize both to be victorious. Games like Persona 4 Golden are extremely addictive due to their excellent character writing and world-building. Players can easily put hundreds of hours into this franchise and never even scrape the surface of what the game has to offer. Persona 4 Golden is a prime example of this.

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Persona 4 Golden is available now on PS Vita and PC.

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