Grounded takes the survival sub-genre into new territory as this small-sized adventure takes place in the backyard of suburbia. There is a bunch of things to collect and figuring out how everything relates to one another can be a little confusing. This guide will show tips on how to craft tools and what they’re used for.

Grounded launched on July 28, 2020, by Obsidian Entertainment and it’s is a fresh take on the survival sub-genre that has been gaining momentum in recent years. Due to a science experiment that went array, a group of pre-teens is shrunk down into the size of an ant as they scramble around their backyard trying to figure out how to reverse their situation. Players will choose between four playable characters, each with a distinct personality, as they hunt for resources and battle basic backyard insects. There will be frequent encounters with ants, larvae, spiders, and various beetles that scurry around the dense grassy jungle. Like any other survival game, players will need to start from scratch and begin building their camp, weapons, and tools. Even though this game has a bright, charming, and Pixar-like aesthetic, this game doesn’t hold back with its challenges and there can be a lot to take in.

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Despite Grounded’s visual appeal, players will need to take heed with the fact that these characters are living human beings that need nutrition. So, the constant accumulation of food and water plays a crucial factor during gameplay. There is a hunger and thirst meter to look over and its depletion can spell death if not treated properly. Plus, there are different variations of nutrition to take note of. There are both clean and unclean water, cooked or rotten meat, and other food types to collect. On top of this, players are tasked with building a base from the ground up and figuring out which raw materials make proper tools. The beginning of this adventure can feel a bit overwhelming due to its alien location and knowing which resources to find can be a little confusing. Honestly, the resources to craft and build are generally the same as any other survival game, but in this case, players need to take that notion and simply miniaturize it.

Crafting Tips & Tricks for Grounded

craft-workbench-grounded (1)

So, instead of collecting rain for water, players will find dew drops. Instead of cutting down trees, players will be cutting down towering blades of grass. That’s the basic idea with Grounded. The first thing players will need to do is build a workbench. This will be the go-to spot for building required items for surviving the tiny, hidden world of an unkempt lawn of the suburbs. Once this is established, players will need to go on a hunt for various items that are strewn about all over the map. Luckily, this game does come with a story-mode and even a tutorial that covers the nuts and bolts of crafting.

However, if players feel the need to going their own way and figure things out for themselves, the following tips can help.

  • In the camp, there is an “analyzer” that players can utilize for their own benefit. Simply scan the item with the analyzer and it will explain all the recipes that it’s used for. This can also be used for resources gained after killing a bug. Only 3 resources can be scanned at a time. If players have enough raw materials, they can go to the ‘craft tab’ on the menu to make something.
  • The first analyzer players will come across will be directly to the left after leaving the cave in the beginning. Keep in mind that there are other analyzers scattered throughout the map that can be used later on.
  • Take the ax and chop down as many blades of grass as possible. This is the best way to garner ‘woven plant fibers’. These are used in almost every recipe, so it’s advised to stock up on hundreds of them. Also, keep an eye on the ground for plant sprouts that can be plucked for this material, as well.
  • Once a shovel is made, linger around close to water sources to find ‘red clay material’. These are used to build basic flooring for bases. Thus, they can eventually be layered for multi-storied structures. To find more advanced ways of building structures, players will need to play the story mode to unlock other methods.
  • Take time and scout areas before establishing a base. There are predatory insects that have designated territories around the map and they will destroy the base before players have the chance to complete it.
  • The more resources found the more recipes will be unlocked.
  • Gnats are a primary source for crafting a ‘Sprig Bow.’ Players will need a hefty amount of ‘gnat fuzz’ in order to make one.
  • One of the most vital tools in this game is the ‘Pebblet Hammer.’ This comes in handy is breaking down chunks of quartz’s and smashing enemies. The resources need to make one is; 3 Spig, 4 Pebblets, and 1 Woven Fiber.

Grounded marches along at a steady pace and players will be building up there own miniature stronghold in no-time. There will be a steady need for stronger weapons and the story will lead the process on how to do so. Players can find resources all over the place and the game can be rather generous with its amount. Also, the ability to play co-op can really be beneficial for gathering materials. Whichever path a player takes, keeping a keen eye on the surroundings and feverishly building up materials will be the key to success.

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Grounded is available on Xbox One and Microsoft Windows.

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