Five useful gadgets to take on your travels

17 February 2020

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It’s hard to know what to pack for your travels when you are restricted on weight and space, but in this digital age, there are some gadgets that are definitely worth the room in your bag. Check out our selection of the top five devices that should be on your packing checklist.


What better way to chart your adventures than tracking yourself with a Fitbit? You can measure your steps, keep track of your health through the heart rate tracker and on the more premium models you can even track your distance using GPS. Seeing how many calories you’ve burned will also make you feel better about treating yourself to all the local delicacies.

Portable keyboard

If you’re taking a tablet with you rather than a laptop to save on space, but you don’t like touch-typing, consider buying a portable keyboard. You can buy many types, from folding keyboards to magnetic keyboards which attach to your tablet case. This will make blogging or working from aborad much easier whilst still saving on space and weight. It will also make Internet browsing much esier so you will be able to chat, enjoy social medias like Facebook and Twitter, as well as visiting websites such as 먹튀검증.

Power bank

The gadget to end all gadgets is actually the gadget to charge all gadgets. After all, what’s the use carrying around all that technology if you don’t have any way to sustain your battery? Imagine you are there, catching up with emails or chatting over Facebook, or perhaps playing a game such as those on. Get yourself a portable power bank so that you can recharge your devices on the go, even when you don’t have any plug sockets.

Head torch

When camping or hiking during the night, a torch is obviously a must. However, a head torch is a much more practical alternative that allows you to keep your hands free at all times, making life a whole lot easier. Search for models with more lumens for a more powerful light that stretches further. Don’t forget to aim your light down when you talk to other people though; as nice as it is to show off your tech, you don’t want to blind your companions.

Card reader

For those who travel with a camera, a card reader is essential. You don’t want to risk losing your photos, so use the reader to upload your images onto the cloud via your mobile phone or tablet. Uploading your files as you go along will also allow you to edit and share them online so that you can keep your friends and loved ones updated on your adventures.

A smartphone

This is probably the most obvious of all the gadgets but – believe it or not – there are still people who prefer not to carry a smartphone. When it comes to travelling, its perks are even more essential than they would be in your day-to-day life. When you travel, you visit places you are less familiar with, and you can find yourself in a country where you don’t understand their language or known anybody. A smartphone will make everything easier, helping you with translations and communication, as well as figuring out where you are exactly. You can also let the people close to you know you are doing well, or call for help if you get lost or anything goes wrong.

The editorial unit

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