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Welcome to our Crying Suns Tips & Tricks guide. If you’re new to the game, make sure to check out our Beginners Guide. This page assumes you know the very basics of the game, for everything else, we have tips for you!

Plan Ahead

Unless you want to fight Scrappers for every jump, you’re gonna want to finish a sector within 5 jumps. There will be many paths to take, but which one you should take depends entirely on your needs and current resources. Let’s say you have two paths, one with more points of interest and another one with a shop. If you’re low on Fuel, then the answer is simple, go towards the one with the shop so you can buy a bit of fuel. It’s pointless to take the one with more points of interest if you don’t have enough fuel to make the jumps, remember that local jumps also consume fuel.

Systems Upgrade

If you don’t know what to upgrade first, then there are two clear options you can start with. You can either start with the fuel scavenge upgrade or the extra Squadron dock. You can’t go wrong with either of those. If you’re the one that likes to fight and you even dare fighting scrappers for doing more than 5 jumps in one sector, then you should definitely go for the extra Squadron dock and maybe even an extra Weapon dock.


You don’t really have to buy everything you see, but one thing you should always buy are Commandos. You will lose many of these as you do planet expeditions and don’t be afraid to lose them, they only have one job so even if the expedition is a high risk one, as long as it’s also a high reward expedition, then definitely take it. With the amount of Scrap you’ll get, you’ll most likely be able to buy those Commandos back.

Spend your Resources

Every new chapter, your resources will be reset, this means you can’t take them with you. For that reason, you should always prioritise upgrades and make sure you don’t have extra resources before you advance to the next chapter.

Use your Weapons wisely

The use of Weapons during battle can decide the outcome. You’ll have a chance to use weapons every 20 seconds or so and if you manage to hit all or multiple enemies at once, you can snowball towards victory. Remember that you don’t have to send your Squadrons directly towards battle, you can stall until your weapons are ready. Use the terrain to your advantage and plan a route that will make it hard for your enemy to reach you. Do remember that they will go directly towards the Hull if they can’t reach your ships, but sometimes it’s worth letting the Hull take a couple of hits before you engage.

That said, remember that your enemies can also apply all of these tactics against you, particularly with the usage of Weapons.

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