Corruption 2029, released in February 2020 by The Bearded Ladies, is a tactical strategy game set in post-apocalyptic America. A United Peoples of America commander, you must remotely command your units in a war against New America, a totalitarian state that is declining. Use these tips and tricks to achieve satisfying victories and show New America who’s boss. 

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In Corruption 2029, your team must complete missions on a dystopian battlefield to defeat your opponent. Some mission objectives require you to kill all the enemies in an area, but others will require you to rescue a character and bring them to an extraction point. Your soldiers are “units”; cyborgs controlled by a drone. While New America may have better weapons, strategy is key. Using strategy, weapons, and skills, you can lead the United Peoples of America in its fight against the New American Council. 

Weaker Enemies in Corruption 2029

Picking off weak or defenseless enemies on the map prevents the enemy from discovering and overwhelming your team. Unlike most turn-based games, you control a character as if in a real-time game, but once combat starts you click to move and find cover. Choose what percentage of cover your team needs to skirt around the enemy.

Using distractions can allow your team to separate enemy squads and make taking them out easier. Taking out enemies with low max health first leaves stronger enemies defenseless. Now, you can spend more energy focusing on tough opponents and using special skills to take them out, rather than on their weak underlings.

Be careful though, if you kill an enemy close to another, you may trigger an alert. Using trial and error, you can identify a safe distance to execute stealth kills. Make sure that you stay out of their line of sight, and that you finish enemies quickly. Something that can help you boost your stealth is silent weapons. 

Silent Weapons in Corruption 2029

While you have your enemies isolated, finish them off with a silent weapon to stay hidden. Since each unit can carry two weapons, make sure that one of them is silenced. With Damages of 4 and Ranges of 10, the HP-36 Silenced Pistol and F26-Silenced Rifle are best used short-range. 

Make sure that your weapon is strong enough to do the job; if not, your victim will alert their teammates, and fights will ensue.If one of these fights get too serious, fish out some Medkits to do some damage control.

Medkits in Corruption 2029

Medkits can be used in the combat zone to heal the damage caused by enemy fire. Move close to a unit and use a Medkit in your turn to keep them from bleeding out. Find Medkits lying around the battlefield. Stock up on them so that you won’t have to repeat a mission. 

Make sure that you save your Medkits for emergencies. Instead of respawning between every mission, they respawn every act. There are three acts with six missions each, but you only have to complete four to move onto the next act. If you use all of your Medkits early on, you might not have any for later missions. Medkits can also be used in the loadout screen to prepare your injured units for the next battle. 

Implants in Corruption 2029

In addition to two weapons, units can use three implants. There are two types, passive and active. Passive implants are usually buffs. Some examples include Movement Booster, which will raise endurance and stamina, Armor Booster, which will give the unit a regenerating armor point, and Health Booster, which will raise a unit’s hitpoints from 10 to 14. These implants will never need to recharge. 

Active implants will need to be purposely activated and have a cooldown period. Unlike other games, the cooldown system is reliant on how many kills are made instead of an amount of time. This adds another layer of strategy to the game. Some examples include Augmented Leap, which allows a unit to jump further and knockback enemies, Kinetic Barrier, which makes a bulletproof shield, and Mindhack, which makes an enemy an ally for a single turn. Armor Splitter and Nitro Shot are implants that can assist players by damaging or slowing down enemies. These implants can be acquired by completing missions and objectives.

Depending on your play style, you may want two passive implants and one active, if you are more of an autopilot gamer, or two active implants and one passive, if you’re overly strategic. You can also have three of just one type if that tickles your fancy. Feel free to go back and play past missions to acquire implants that may have been missed, or to try them out on easy targets.

Repeating Battlegrounds in Corruption 2029

While this is a con for some, a lot of the battlegrounds have repeating maps and areas. This makes it easier for the serious game strategists to map out and plan their battles, much like a real strategist would. Missions can also be replayed to unlock bonus objectives that were missed before; use this to your advantage and collect weapons and implants. These may come in handy later on when facing tougher challenges. 

Corruption 2029 is a clever strategy game that combines both real-time and turn-based strategy, making it a unique challenge to even the most experienced strategist. Using these tactics, you can help the United Peoples of America fight back against the New American Council and win the war. 

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Corruption 2029 is available now on the Epic Games Store.

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