What Is Bitcoin Trend App?

Bitcoin Trend App is a cryptocurrency trading application that claims to earn traders up to $500 per hour regardless of the market conditions. The app doesn’t charge any registration fees since it aims at growing the cryptocurrency market by providing traders with the necessary tools they will need to successfully invest in the market.

How Bitcoin Trend Trading Software App Works

Traders can register on the platform by filling the form on the Bitcoin Trend App website. Once the registration process is complete, the app will automatically create a trading account on behalf of the trader with the broker FXLeader. According to the Bitcoin Trend App website, both experienced and inexperienced traders can use the app due to the simple design.

The trader will then be required to deposit $250 into the trading account. The trader will allegedly begin making $500 per hour by simply logging into their accounts through their devices and spending as little as 15 minutes per day on the app. The app then further claims that if the traders follow the instructions the Bitcoin Trend App provides, it will be impossible for every user to fail to make profits on the app.

Disadvantages Of Bitcoin Trend App

Unrealistic Returns

Bitcoin Trend App claims that it will earn traders $500 per hour for little to no work, which is quite unrealistic in the current financial markets where getting rich overnight is impossible.

Fake Testimonials

The testimonials on the Bitcoin Trend App feature Facebook users claiming that they have made huge sums of money and the purchases they have made. However, a search on Facebook for these individuals indicates that the accounts were fake and the testimonials were only made to endorse the app and lure more unsuspecting traders.

Unregulated Broker

Bitcoin Trend App works with the affiliated and unregulated broker FXLeader and traders are required to deposit their funds with the broker. With the broker being unregulated, there is no guarantee that when the trader deposits money on the platform they will make profits or when they request for a withdrawal the broker will return the money.

Bitcoin Trend App Conclusion

Although the cryptocurrency market is profitable, a free trading app that promises $500 per hour should raise a red flag to traders. It is highly recommended to trade with a regulated broker to avoid getting into imminent losses.

This website is possibly a scam. We cannot confirm the validity of the information in the website.

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