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There’s a dizzying amount of skateboarding games available across mobile gaming platforms.

Now that 2019 has rolled in, it’s a safe bet that many more will arrive on iOS and Android devices. One of the first big releases in that packed genre is Digital Melody’s tap-happy boarder, Tap Skaters. With a nice variety of skateboarding heroes at your disposal, you’ll need to brave the dangers of numerous stages that tasks you with completing a myriad of missions. There’s races to win, items to collect, robbers to chase, and so much more to accomplish. Our tips guide for the game will aid you as your hero skaters try to become major fan favorites.

Here are the top five tips, tricks, and cheats you need to know for Tap Skaters:

Download the Tap Skaters APK here.


Digital Melody

• Like we mentioned before, Tap Skaters gives you a ton of tasks to complete. All of them entail tapping so your skater can drop down to the very next platform. As you make your way to even lower platforms, the obstacles that are capable of wiping out your hero skater start to add up. If your hero wipes out, don’t waste any of your coins on a revive. Make sure you’re playing online so you can just watch a short ad and get a free replay. Through this method, you practically get unlimited retries. Plus your progress doesn’t reset, so you should have an easy time completing a mission in just a few tries.

• During Downhill and Collecting stages, just concern yourself with keeping an eye out for any upcoming hazards and whatever items you need to grab. You can usually stay alive longer by tapping near the center portion of a platform and continuing with that method all the while. Most hazards tend to stick near the left and right ending sections of each platform.

Tap SkatersTap Skaters

Digital Melody

• If an item is sticking a bit too close to that area, you’re much better off ignoring it altogether and collecting the next one that’s placed in a safer area. When it’s time to hop into a Chase or Race stage, just apply the advice we provided for the game’s other stage missions. Tap like a madman to stick close to your chase target and do the same during Races so you can at least be two or three platforms ahead of your rival.

2. Time for Some New Heroes!

Tap SkatersTap Skaters

Digital Melody

• Collecting coins during stages and completing those same stages usually rewards you with coins. These coins can then be used to unlock new characters for your hero skater roster. As you progress through the game, you’ll come to realize that you’ll regularly need to unlock new characters in order to acquire more fans. You’ll need those fans in order to gain access to new sections of the mission map. So be smart with your furniture purchases and make sure you always have enough coins left over to buy a new hero skater every now and then.

• Once you find yourself near the end of a mission area, that’s the perfect time to get a new character. The added fans you’ll get from that new skater should easily unlock the next area for you by that point. By the way, hop into the Endless stage to cop some extra coins if you feel like working a bit harder to claim them. However, there’s a much easier way to get some coins…

3. The Quickest Way to Earn Coins

Tap Skaters Tap Skaters

Digital Melody

• If you happen to be playing online and don’t feel the need to pay to unlock everything in the game, you can rely on ads to get you a whole lot of coins. Every time you view an ad, you’ll get 30 coins for free. It seems like you can do this as many times as you’d like, so watch as many ads as you can after completing a stage mission. Might as well fatten up your coin purse even more in the moment, right? You can view ads for coins at any time, so take advantage of this trick and you’ll never go broke!

4. Don’t Forget to Upgrade Your Furniture

Tap SkatersTap Skaters

Digital Melody

• Besides unlocking new characters, coins can also be used to upgrade your furniture. They serve you by making your custom digs look cool and by providing you with more fans. The rate of fans you’ll get from each piece of furniture depends on the time limit attached to that specific item.

• Each piece of furniture starts out at the same fan rewarding rate, so upgrade them evenly across the board to maximize their output. Watching a whole bunch of ads should get you enough coins to go crazy on upgrades, so gather those extra fans and transport yourself to harder missions ASAP!

5. Take a Break From the Game and New Fans Will Arrive in Your Absence

• When it’s time to log out, the game keeps working for you until you log in for your next play session. Stay away for an extended amount of time and eventually make your return so you can acquire as many new fans as possible. And of course, watch the ad attached to those newly collected fans in order to increase the amount and skate away with even more fans!

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